What Is the File Extension Nbi?

by Faith Davies

Data loss due to a systems crash or virus can cost businesses and individuals time and money trying to recover the information. A number of software programs are designed to prevent data loss, including one that uses .nbi files.


A file with the .nbi file extension is known as a Nero information file.


Produced by Nero AG, Nero Backitup is the program that creates .nbi files.


Nbi files contain an exact replica of a file that you have created using Nero Backitup. The .nbi file extension serves as a marker to your computer, signaling that the file requires Nero Backitup in order to be accessed.


If you lose data, you can use .nbi files to reinstall all of the information onto your hard drive.


In order for .nbi files to be useful, it is important that you save the files to a CD or DVD, external hard drive or zip disc. Save new .nbi files on a regular basis to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date versions of your important files available.

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