What Is the File Extension Mgi?

by Faith Davies

Global Positioning Systems or GPS units are devices that help you navigate and get directions from one place to another. There are a number of GPS units on the market, including one that uses .mgi files.


Mgi files are used by the Explorist or Meridian models of the Magellan brand of Global Positioning Systems.


A file with the .mgi file extension is a Magellan map file.


Mgi files contain a map used by the Magellan GPS devices. The .mgi file extension serves as a marker to the GPS, allowing it to be utilized as needed.


Magellan GPS units come with .mgi files already installed. You can also download custom maps from third-party websites to install on your GPS with a USB cord.


Some versions of the Magellan Explorist utilize .imi files rather than .mgi files. The Meridian also uses .img files.

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