What Is the File Extension Etl?

By Faith Davies

A voice response unit is a type of technology where numbers entered into a keypad on a telephone or spoken aloud over a telephone line are translated into commands that allow a computer to provide information or complete a task. There are a number of voice response unit programs available, including one that uses the .etl file extension.


A file with the .etl file extension is known as a Windows trace file.


Etl files are created by Microsot Office Communication Server, which can be used for a number of purposes in addition to voice response, such as Web conferencing and instant messaging.


A file with the .etl file extension contains a data file of a voice response session, stating what prompts the computer was given and how the computer responded.


Voice response technicians can review the data contained in .etl files to determine what improvements are needed for a voice response unit to provide better customer service to inbound callers. The files can also be used to find the cause of a technical glitch.


The .etl file is saved in a code using sequences of numbers rather than written words. In order to utilize the file, you will need a program like Microsoft Logman to interpret the data.