What Is the File Extension .EDB?

by Faith Davies

The Microsoft Exchange Server is a tool used to retrieve and deliver email messages to a group of users, such as the employees of a company. There are a number of files associated with the Microsoft Exchange Server, including .edb files.


A file with the .edb file extension is known as an Exchange Information Store Database.


Two types of messages pass through the Microsoft Exchange Server. One of which is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) message that contains messages leaving and arriving from another server. The other are non-SMTP messages that contain the individual emails you receive in your Inbox.


An .edb file is a database of the non-SMTP files contained on the Microsoft Exchange Server. The .edb file extension serves as a marker to your computer, allowing the server to locate the file when you check your email.


When you check your email, Microsoft Exchange Server checks the .edb file for messages waiting to be delivered to you. Once the messages are located, the server retrieves them and distributes them to your Inbox, where you can read them.


Because .edb files are required for Microsoft Exchange Server to function properly, never delete an .edb file from the server.

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