What Is the File Extension Bdm?

by Lynette Arceneaux
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When you venture into the files of your computer, you'll find countless names, many with extensions you may not recognize. If you use your computer to share or create videos, you might come across files with the extension .bdm and wonder what they are.


A file with the extension .bdm is a disc information file created by AVCHD video recordings. AVCHD is an acronym for Advanced Video Coding High Definition, a codec used to acquire and display high quality high definition images.

Contents and Location

A .bdm file contains information about the file contents of a particular directory. You will usually see .bdm files named index.bdm or movieobj.bdm, and you will commonly find them in the AVCHD/BDMV directory of a media storage device.

Associated Programs

A number of programs will open files with a .bdm extension, including Roxio Creator 2010 and Nero Vision Xtra. On a Mac, Roxio Toast 10 Titanium can open these files.


Files with the .bdm extension are usually found on such non-disc recording media as hard drives and memory sticks. On optical disc media, however, these files will usually have a .bdmv extension.


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