How to Figure Out Your PUK Code

by Jordan Whitehouse

A PUK code, or "PIN unlock key," is a number that allows you to unblock a locked SIM card. Your SIM card could become blocked if you've entered your cell phone's PIN incorrectly more than three times. Once you've entered the wrong PIN three times, a message will display on your phone asking you to enter your PUK code. You can find this code from the online account with your server or you can call your provider directly.

Navigate to your online cell phone account. Enter your user name and password to log in.

Locate the option within your account that allows you to view your phone information. This could be labeled "My Services" or "Phone" or "Device."

Click on the option that allows you to unblock your SIM card. This option will usually be labeled "Unblock My SIM card."

Follow the directions on the screen to access your PUK code.

Call your cell phone provider directly and speak with a customer service representative if you cannot access your online account or your account will not give you your PUK code. You will be asked questions to confirm your identity, such as your address, your birth date and even the number of your SIM card. Once your identity has been confirmed, your PUK code will be given to you.

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