Fiber Optic Vs. Cable

by Perry Piekarski

Technology is constantly advancing and along with improvements in automobile and cell phone technology are advancements in the way our houses are linked to the world. Cable technology seems to be fading into the background as fiber optic technology is steadily making its name known, offering a number of benefits you could never have with traditional copper wire and cable.

Resistance to Interference

While copper cables are subject to interference from other wires, radio signals and other forms of electromagnetic interruption, you'll find none of that with fiber optics. This is because fiber optic cables work using light pulses, meaning the cables aren't metal but are instead made of glass. Therefore it is not subject to the same issues as traditional copper cables.


Fiber optic cables are said to have "limitless bandwidth." While this isn't literally true, it's close, featuring more bandwidth than most people would ever hope to use. This results in a super-fast connection that runs circles around the bandwidth allotted by cable connections.


Because fiber optics are made of glass strands rather than expensive metal materials, it costs much less to maintain and service. Traditional cables, however, don't have this benefit.

Picture Quality

While it's possible to get high definition picture using cable, it doesn't compare to the high-quality of a fiber optic set up. This is because of the power of the technology on top of the lack of external interference found with fiber optic cables.

Other Benefits

Considering that people are slowly making the transition to fiber optic cable technology, the advantage of converting as soon as you can is that you'll be ready for the change if it ever becomes mandatory. Along with this, you'll be on the cutting edge, having the highest quality available for your home phone, television and internet.

About the Author

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