What Is Ferrite for Samsung?

By Steve Lander

Ferrite cores improve your Samsung TV's picture quality.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Like many electronic devices, Samsung TV sets sometimes include ferrite cores that you can attach to their cables. These are dense metal pieces encased in plastic that help to filter noise. This provides your TV with cleaner power and picture signals so that it can give you the sharpest and clearest picture and sound possible.

Ferrite Cores

The ferrite core included with your Samsung TV is a relatively simple piece of equipment. It contains two pieces of magnetically charged heavy iron that fit together in the shape of a torus -- like a donut. The hole in the middle is large enough for a cord or cable to pass through, and the assembly has a plastic cover that holds it together.

How Ferrite Cores Work

When you install a ferrite core on your Samsung's cables and then wrap the cables around the core, it absorbs electromagnetic interference. Wrapping the cables increases the strength of their signal and at the same time excludes electromagnetic interference, or EMI. The magnetic field in the core also attracts the noise and converts its energy into heat.

Attaching the Power Core

To attach the power cord's core, open its two halves. Place the power cord into the channel in its middle, attaching it near the end of the cord that attaches to your Samsung device. Wrap the cord around one half of the core three times, finishing by passing it through the center of the core one last time. When done, snap the core shut so that it stays on the cord, filtering noise.

Beyond the Power Cord

While ferrite cores are useful on power cables, they can be even more valuable on low-voltage cables like USB cords, HDMI cables, or analog video and audio cables. Since these cables carry much lower voltage and power signals than power cables, they are even more prone to noise and interference. Many come with a ferrite core already molded in, and you can add one to those that don't.