How to Fax a Photo From Your Computer

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Faxing a photo can be done with your computer, scanner and fax software. Rather than incurring the extra expenses associated with sending a photo from a fax machine, which needs paper and toner, you can fax a color or black-and-white photo directly from your computer. Read on to learn how to fax a photo from your computer.

Find the photo you would like to fax. You may have a digital photo already stored in your computer or you can scan a traditional photo.

Scan the photo if needed, put it in a file folder and save it. Do not forget to name the file.

Open your computer's fax program.

Click on "Send Fax". Enter the fax number. Be sure you enter a "1," area code and number if it is a long-distance number.

Decide if you want to send a cover sheet. Your fax software will probably provide a prompt. If you do want a cover sheet, click "Yes." Fill out the cover sheet.

Attach the image file. You can either attach a file of a photo you scanned or a file of a digital photo stored in your computer.

Click "Send" to send the fax. The computer will dial the number, make a connection and send the photo. When finished it should read "Fax Complete."


If you use a modem to connect to the Internet, you cannot be online at the same time as you are using your fax software. Refer to your computer's manual if you come across a problem.


Long-distance charges may occur if faxing to a long-distance number.

Items you will need

  • Owner's manual

  • Computer