Fastest Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

by Kay Ireland

Amazon is the big-box store of the Web. Since it allows merchants to sell within the website interface, along with selling Amazon's goods, you have the ability to find and purchase a massive variety of products. Because of Amazon's wide variety of products, Amazon gift cards are hot commodities on the marketing circuit and are fairly easy to find if you're willing to do the work. By using various services and visiting certain websites, you can earn Amazon gift cards to purchase any product from the website.

Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you with points each time you use it to find a site on the Internet. The points that you gain for each search are fairly random, and you're also awarded points for interacting with the website in other ways, such as taking surveys, polls or inviting friends. Once you've saved up a certain number of points, you can redeem them for gift cards and merchandise in the store. At the time of publication, 450 SwagBucks can be exchanged for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Survey Sites

Survey websites, such as and, allow you to register and then take surveys and write reviews to earn Amazon gift cards and other prizes. The surveys, sponsored by various manufacturers, are typically short and often include multiple-choice questions about your household, products that you use and entertainment in your home. Each survey site is set up differently, and once you achieve a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards to purchase merchandise.

Blog Giveaways

Amazon advertises on certain blogs and webpages. Occasionally, these blogs hold giveaways that allow you to enter drawings for gift cards. The drawings usually include simple entry guidelines, such as liking a website fan page on Facebook or blogging about the website or the giveaway on your own blog. If you run a simple search on "blog giveaways" and "Amazon gift cards," you'll find a bevy of quick ways to earn Amazon gift cards simply by entering contests, drawings and giveaways.


Amazon offers a service for those who use the Kindle and other eReaders to read books. allows you to lend your purchased Kindle books to other users. Each time you lend a book, you receive $0.50 toward a gift card. You can also become a Lendle patron by paying a one-time $25 donation and receive $1 toward a gift card each time someone borrows your eBook. The books are removed from your Kindle account for two weeks, then returned. Lendle works with iPhone, iPad and Android devices, but the books must be in Kindle format to be lendable.

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