FAQ on Texting With Verizon Wireless

By Jule Pamplin

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Verizon Wireless offers customers the ability to choose their text messaging packages or pay per message. You can send text messages (SMS) or picture and video messages (MMS) from your mobile device or personal computer. Questions frequently asked about Verizon text messaging service deal with the size of each text's file, the cost of the service, and the ways you can send and receive text messages to other mobile device owners.

Ways to Send and Receive Texts

Verizon wireless customers can send and receive text messages through their phones just as a subscriber on any network can. They can also send a text to another Verizon customer through the Internet. Verizon's website offers anyone to send a text to an existing Verizon wireless subscriber. You can also send and receive a text message to and from a Verizon wireless subscriber via email. Verizon customers can choose a username or use their mobile number. The address for sending and receiving text messages via email is the username or phone number followed by @vtext.com.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Multimedia messaging is available to Verizon customers to send and receive photo images or videos provided their mobile device supports both formats. You can send an image to another mobile phone (any carrier) or a 30-second video. MMS is also available through email by using the username or phone number followed by @vzwpix.com. Other capabilities for sending and receiving MMS messages are determined by the ability of the customer's mobile device. Some devices allow you to send pictures and videos in the same message while others do not. See your mobile device manual to learn what types of MMS options are available through your Verizon wireless service.

Allowed Size of Texts

The standard size of a text message is limited to 160 characters. Some subscribers can choose Enhanced Messaging Services to receive up to 1,000 characters (depending on the device). The character limit includes the callback number or email address of the sender. The limit for resolution and quality of MMS messages varies based on the device. Phones that have cameras 2MP and larger will have the messages (video and pictures) reduced to 500kb before sending. The reduction in file size can compromise the quality of the video or image.

Cost to Text

At the time of publication, Verizon wireless subscribers can choose to pay per individual text message or prepay for a text bundle. Individual texts for domestic recipients and recipients in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands cost less than message to international recipients. Bundles range from 250 text and MMS, 500 messages, and 5,000 messages with different pricing for each tier. MMS messages to international recipients are charged separately from domestic MMS messages and are separated into receiving and sending categories for pricing.