What Is a Tickler File System?

by Michael KoyanUpdated January 09, 2018
pile of papershets with paper-clips #2 image by stassad from Fotolia.com

A Tickler File System is a means to organize documents and reminders by date, so that you may be reminded of what needs to be done or what may be coming up on the horizon.


The Tickler File System was designed for the storage of important documents or reminders that require later action. On the given day, you can look in the corresponding slot and see what you must accomplish or what you need to prepare for.


The look of a Tickler File System is similar to other accordion-style file folders. It consists of 43 slots, 12 for the months of the year and 31 for the maximum days in a month.

Common Uses

You can use this type of filing system for anything that is time-sensitive and requires action. Common items or reminders that may be placed in a Tickler File System include things related to bills, events, birthdays, due dates, expiration dates, to-do lists and many others.

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