Why Is Facebook Video Unavailable?

By Matt Koble

Only your confirmed Facebook friends can initiate video calls with you.
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Video calling on Facebook utilizes Skype to show your friend in real-time as you chat. While trying to place a video call, you may receive an error message reading “the software that powers video calling is temporarily unavailable." Facebook suggests a few possible remedies for fixing this issue.

Restart Web Browser

The first and easiest possible solution is to restart your browser. Simply exit any open browser windows and start the browser again. Navigate back to Facebook and try to place the video call again. If the problem persists, your web browser or a plugin you use may be the issue.

Different Browser

When restarting doesn't work, using another web browser might alleviate the problem. Facebook video calling only works with certain browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer are all compatible. While you may be using one of those browsers, a problem with your browser or incompatible extension may be causing the problem. To use Facebook's video calling feature in a new browser, you'll first need to set up the feature. While you already set the feature up in your other browser, each browser requires the feature to be activated within it.

Reinstall Video Calling

Uninstall Facebook's video calling feature the same way you uninstall other programs on your computer. Open your web browser of choice and go to Facebook, completing the setup process for video calling once more. If you still receive the error message, contact Facebook for one-on-one assistance (see link in Resources).