Facebook Video Size Limits for Upload

By Shea Laverty

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Many users of Facebook's social media network not only create profiles about themselves but also often post photos and videos to share with friends. Adding a video to Facebook is a relatively quick and painless procedure, but there are file size, formatting and length limits. To prevent rejection of your video, make sure it conforms to the site's specifications.

Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate and Audio Sampling

Use the site's required video aspect ratio range of 9:16 to 16:9, or the video will be immediately rejected for upload. Your video should use a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second -- videos above this frame rate are decimated by whole integers until the video falls within this range. For example, a 100 fps video is decimated by a factor of four to 25 fps, which is both below the 30 fps maximum and well below the video's original quality. Audio is resampled in either 22,050hz or 44,100hz, selecting whichever rate is closer to the original video's sample rate. Additional audio and video streams are omitted in favor of the first streams found in the video's container file.

File Size and Length

Facebook videos offer some leeway in terms of length and file size. At most, your video can be 20 minutes long and no more than 1,024 MB in size. Any videos exceeding these limits need to be reformatted or broken down into multiple video files, or they face rejection by Facebook.