Why Is Facebook Taking So Long to Load?

By Clare Edwards

Older browsers may cause Facebook to load slowly.
i Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A slow-loading Facebook page can be frustrating, whether you want to look at your own timeline or visit a page belonging to someone else. Although you can't do much about server-side errors affecting Facebook itself, you can sometimes improve loading times if the source of the problem is closer to home.

Server and DNS Issues

Facebook frequently upgrades the software and infrastructure underpinning its site. Although most of these changes go unnoticed, service may occasionally be disrupted. The site may become unavailable or may take longer to load than usual. Typically, these issues are resolved within a matter of minutes. Try leaving Facebook and coming back later.

Browser Versions

If you're still running an older version of your browser, this can impair Facebook's performance. The site in general, and games or other applications in particular, can slow to a crawl due to incompatibilities between Facebook and your browser's software. Updating your browser and any add-ons may improve Facebook's loading times. It's also important for general security.

Low System Resources

If Facebook is loading too slowly, the problem may lie with your computer system. The more processes you have running at the same time as you surf the Web, the longer it takes some pages to load. Close down unessential programs to free up memory and processing power. This may allow Facebook to load more smoothly. You should also check your system for malware -- this can hog resources and cause other programs to slow down.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Check to see if Facebook is the only site that's loading slowly. If you have problems with other sites besides Facebook, you may need to troubleshoot your Internet connection. The problem could be your own settings or an issue with your ISP. If you're visiting Facebook via a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet, your mobile carrier may be at fault.

Adware and Malicious Apps

Many applications claim to offer an enhanced Facebook experience, but some are actually malicious in nature. If you've given one of these malicious apps access to your Facebook account, you might see impaired performance, increased loading times and other issues. For example, applications that serve ads on your Facebook page (adware) can result in slow loading times because your browser has to handle more content. Removing these apps can resolve the problem.

Legitimate Games and Apps

Legitimate Facebook applications and games can perform poorly due to issues with the provider's servers or other infrastructure. You may also experience problems if you're using an outdated version of a Facebook application. Players like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight are often required to play games and multimedia content; outdated versions of these can slow Facebook performance. Update your applications and players to improve loading times and general performance on Facebook and elsewhere.