How to Do a Facebook Post Via an Email to a Group

by Sarah Morse
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Facebook's group email address feature is easy to overlook, but can save you time if you just want to make a quick post without getting caught up in the rest of the site. An admin of the group must set an email address before any member can post remotely. If you cannot find the address on the group's page, it does not yet have one. To remedy that lack, send a message to a group administrator asking him to enable the feature.

Setting the Group Email as Admin

Step 1

Click the gear icon on your group's homepage and select "Edit Group Settings."

Step 2

Scroll down to the "Group Admin" section and click the "Set Up Group Address" button.

Fill in the name you would like to use for the beginning of the email address and click "Set Address." Once set, this address also determines the URL of your group, so choose something easy to remember.

Posting to Group as Member

Step 1

Click the "About" tab from the group's homepage and copy the email address on the right side of the screen.

Step 2

Paste the email address after the "To" heading in a new email.

Step 3

Type the message to post to the group. If you add a subject line, it will appear in the post as a heading, and the content of your email will start two lines later.

Proofread your message and click to send.


  • Send a photo to the group by attaching it to your email message. The photo will appear on the group's news feed at the end of your post and in the "Photos" tab.
  • You can see which posts were sent to the group by email, as each submitted by that means has a little envelope icon underneath.


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