Do Facebook Photo Tags Disappear When Blocking People?

By Kristen Waters

Facebook automatically recognizes your friends when you post pictures.
i Lighthaunter/iStock/Getty Images

Blocking another user stops that user from viewing your Timeline, personal profile and photos that you post to the Timeline. It also stops you from viewing the same information about that user. However, it does not stop other people from tagging you or remove tags from photos that other people have posted. The blocked user will not be able to access your profile, but they will still be able to view the photos with you in them.

Personal Photos

After blocking another user, their name will disappear from your personal photos. Your name will also disappear from the other person's photos in which you were tagged. The photos will remain in both instances and mutual friends will be able to see the photos and add tags to them, which means it is possible for another user to tag the blocked user even though you will not be able to see the tag.

Mutual Friends' Photos

Photos that mutual friends have tagged you or the blocked user in will still contain the tags. When you view the photos, the tags will be visible, but the link to the user profile will not work for the blocked individual. You may also be able to see what comments the blocked user makes on mutual friend's photos.

Removing Tags

If you are tagged in a photo with the blocked user, you can remove your name from the photo. Under your activity log, click on the "Photos" option and select the photo you want to remove the tag from. Click on the "Report/Remove Tags" option and click the radio button next to "Untag Photos." The photo will remain, but you will no longer be tagged in it.

Other Blocking Issues

You may encounter blocked users in other parts of Facebook. Any messages sent before the user was blocked will still be visible. You will also receive any messages sent to both you and the blocked user or encounter the user in groups you both belong to, events you are both invited to and in games and apps managed by outside developers.