How to Get Your Facebook Password Back Easily

by Morgan O'Connor

Facebook has an option that allows you to remain signed in on your computer. This means you could access the site for weeks or even months without ever entering your password. While this is convenient, it can also make it easy to completely forget your password. When something goes wrong and you end up signed out of Facebook, getting back in may seem impossible. Fortunately, you do not need to remain cut off from your online social life forever.


Direct your browser to


Click the light blue "Forgot your password?" link. This is located directly under the field where you would normally type your password.


Provide the information Facebook requires to identify your account. This can be an email address, phone number, Facebook username, or both your name and a Facebook friend's name. Click "Search."


Type the verification words into the box provided, and then click "Submit."


Click "Reset Password" on the page that opens.


Check all the email addresses that Facebook lists on the next page. One or more of them should contain a new email from Facebook. Open this email and click the link inside.


Type your desired new password into the two fields provided for the purpose on the page that opens. Click the blue "Change Password" button to finish resetting your password. You can now use this password any time you wish to sign in to your Facebook account.

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