Facebook Is Disabled & No Response to Emails

By Adrian Grahams

Facebook removes accounts that break its rules.
i Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook disables and removes accounts that breach its rules, which state that personal accounts must represent an individual and not a business or organization. If you signed up for a personal Facebook account under your company name, or used a personal Timeline to promote your business, Facebook may have decided to disable your account. Facebook doesn't handle initial disabled account inquiries via email and offers another way to get in touch if you believe your account was removed unfairly.

Facebook's Rules

Facebook publishes its rules as a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (link in Resources) and reserves the right to disable accounts that violate these conditions. The rules cover many prohibited actions, including posting inappropriate or offensive content, using a fake name and spamming other users. Using a personal account to promote your business is also against the rules and Facebook may disable accounts named after an organization or used to advertise and promote a business or professional service.

Disabled Accounts

Facebook can disable an account at any time, but it usually issues warnings before taking this action. If you receive a warning, taking prompt action to resolve the issue can prevent a future ban. If your account has been disabled, you won't be able to log in to Facebook with your usual user and password credentials. Instead, you'll see a warning message advising of the ban and the reasons for this action.

Appealing a Ban

Facebook doesn't offer email as an initial point of contact for users with disabled accounts. If you believe your account was wrongly or unfairly disabled, you must first complete the online "My Personal Account Was Disabled" form (link in Resources). Facebook will then contact you on the email address you provided on the form if it needs to get in touch to clarify information. It's worth reading through the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities before contacting Facebook to ensure your account didn't violate the rules.

Promoting Business on Facebook

Although Facebook prohibits the use of personal accounts for business advertising and promotion, the social network offers legitimate alternatives for publicizing your company and interacting with Facebook members. You can set up a business Facebook page to promote your business or a Facebook group for sharing content and discussion. Facebook also offers a paid ads service that enables you to create and target ads to millions of Facebook users.