How to Find Facebook Groups to Promote a Business

By John Ruiz

Many groups in Facebook allow you to join and post advertisements immediately.
i Jochen Sand/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The ability to post links on your Facebook profile opens up the opportunity to advertise your business on Facebook; however, this promotion method may not be so effective if you don't have many Facebook friends. Facebook friends will be the first people to see your posts, and people outside your circle of friends may not even notice unless one or more of your friends decide to share the link. If you are not confident in a viral marketing approach where your Facebook friends mainly spread the word, you can target groups of people outside your friends list by promoting your business in Facebook groups.

Step 1

Go to the Facebook website and log in to your account.

Step 2

Click the search box on the top of the Facebook page and enter a keyword or set of keywords that best describes the type of group you wish to join. For instance, if your business sells clothes for pets, you can try searching for "Pet lovers" or any related group with pet owners as they are most likely to find your business interesting.

Step 3

Click the "See More Results" link on the bottom of the box that appears below the search box.

Step 4

Click "Groups" under the Search Filters portion of the left sidebar. Click on the group from the list of results to see more details about the group. Click the "Join Group" button to join the group so you can promote your business. If the group is an "Open Group" you can post immediately after joining. Otherwise, you will have to wait for a group administrator to accept you.