How to Find Facebook Friends in My Graduating Class

By Gina Rodrigues

Find friends from your graduating class with Facebook's classmate search tool.
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The pomp and circumstance of graduation can leave little time for collecting the contact information of your classmates. Facebook resolves this issue by giving graduates a way to stay in touch well after the final exam. The social networking website connects friends virtually, regardless of how far away each one lives. Yet there is no need to languish through 500 million individual Facebook user profiles to reach out to your fellow graduates. Using Facebook's search feature saves both your time and sanity.

Type your username and password in the log-in section of the Facebook page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Help" link.

Type "Classmate Search" into the search field.

Click the "Classmate Search" link located in the search results.

Enter the name of your school in the "School Name" field.

Click the drop-down menu titled "Class Year" and select the year of your graduating glass.

Click the "Search for Classmates" button to initiate the search.