How to Do Facebook Chat From Text Message on Cell

By Melly Parker

You need mobile service to send SMS messages to Facebook.
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Facebook mobile texts enable you to use SMS messages from your mobile phone instead of the Facebook app when responding to messages. You can't initiate messages, but you can receive and respond to them. Unlike the app, mobile texting doesn't use data. If you have limited text messages on your plan and send or receive a lot of mobile text messages from Facebook, it could cause overages on your plan. Also, Facebook mobile text isn't compatible with all phones or carriers.

Step 1

Log on to your Facebook account from your computer browser and click the "gear" icon. Click "Account Settings" and then click "Mobile."

Step 2

Select "+ Add a Phone" and enter your password. Click "Submit."

Step 3

Choose your country and carrier from the drop-down menus. Click "Next."

Step 4

Text "F" to "32665" from your phone to Facebook to configure your phone for this use.

Step 5

Type the confirmation code you receive into your Web browser on your computer, and then click "Next" to activate your phone for mobile SMS.

Step 6

Choose "Text me when someone sends me a message from Web or mobile" from the Facebook messages drop-down menu.

Step 7

When you get a message, reply as you would to a regular text, to send a chat or message reply to Facebook. If your friend is online, it will be received as a chat. If not, it will be stored as a message.