Facebook Business Account Rules

by Eleanor McKenzie

For many advertisers, Facebook business accounts are a part of a marketing strategy. A business account page does not have the same functionality as a personal account. For example, a business account holder can´t view all user profile information; neither can it send or receive friend requests. There are a number of rules that users must follow with this type of Facebook account or they will find themselves completely blocked from Facebook use.

It´s Business, Not Personal

The first rule to remember is that if you have a personal Facebook account, you can´t open a business account. Facebook does not allow anyone to operate multiple accounts, and you violate Facebook's terms of use if you try to do it. Set up a business account by creating either a Facebook Ad or Facebook Page and then you can keep a personal account as well. If you are running campaigns for several clients, you will need to manage them from one account.

They´re Fans, Not Friends

Business accounts can´t send out friend requests, or respond to friend invitations. This protects Facebook users from unsolicited marketing on the site. A business account has "fans" rather than friends. You can´t look at your fans' user profile information, but you can add status updates, wall posts and photos in the same way as a personal account. Also, you can send a message to each fan who joins your page, which helps you develop a relationship with each of them. Fans aren´t allowed access to any of your personal information, so you are also protected from unwanted requests.

Don´t Spam

Spamming is never popular and won´t win you fans. It also won´t go down well with Facebook´s administrators, who are pretty quick to close down any accounts caught spamming -- so avoid inundating your fans with links or using similar dubious techniques. Instead, take your time cultivating a Facebook strategy and see it as a long-haul project rather than one that will give you instant results.

Follow The Rules

The most important rule is to follow the rules. Facebook's rules may irritate some users, but it is one of the three top social media sites for business promotion, along with Twitter and LInkedIn. Its ease of use and low cost make it ideal for a small business or a self-employed person working alone. Follow the rules and you won´t run into trouble with Facebook administrators. Read the business account rules help page on Facebook carefully and if the information is unclear, contact Facebook with any queries before creating a business account.

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