How to Find the Facebook App on My PS3

by Joshua Phillips
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Introduced in 2009 in the version 3.10 update, the PlayStation 3's Facebook application lets a user connect a Facebook account to the PlayStation 3 console. You must meet two requirements before you can find the Facebook application on your console: you must have a PlayStation Network account and you must have connected your system to both the Internet and the PlayStation Network. The Facebook application is not visible from the PlayStation 3 dashboard like other applications and is instead buried within a set of menus, making some users confused as to its exact location even after meeting the requirements.

Step 1

Select the "PlayStation Network" tab on your PlayStation 3's dashboard. The "PlayStation Network" tab is the second-to-last tab on the dashboard.

Step 2

Select the "Account Management" icon that appears only if you are already signed in to your PlayStation Network account. If you are not signed in, the icon will instead read "Sign In;" after signing in to your PSN account, the icon will change to "Account Management."

Select the "Facebook" icon to access the Facebook application on your PlayStation 3.


  • If you cannot find the Facebook application on your PS3 even after signing in to the PlayStation Network, you need to update your system's firmware. You can do so by selecting "System Update" in the "Settings" menu on the PS3 dashboard.

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