What Does Facebook for Android Mean?

by David Nield
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Facebook for Android refers to the official mobile app developed by Facebook for Android cell phones and tablets. The app is free to download and install from the Google Play store. To check if Facebook for Android is compatible with your device, search for it from the app store on the device itself.

App Features

The Facebook for Android app brings with it almost all the features from the desktop version of the website. The app enables you to view your News Feed and Timeline, post updates and comments, check through groups and events and search for friends. You can check into locations, send and manage friend requests, and send and receive messages. From within the app you can configure whether or not notifications appear immediately on your device.

Downloading and Installing

To download and install Facebook for Android, launch the app store from your device. This will typically be the Google Play app, though your device may differ -- the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, for example, has its own customized Amazon App Store. Search for Facebook and locate the official app with Facebook listed as the developer. Once you've chosen to install the app and the setup process has finished, you'll need to log in using your Facebook email address and password.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a separate download from the Google Play store which focuses solely on the instant messaging feature of Facebook and nothing else. It is possible to use the Facebook app without Facebook Messenger, or to use both apps together on the same device. Any messages sent or received in either app are stored in your Facebook chat history, available through any of the mobile apps or a Web browser. Depending on your Android device and your location, you may be able to send SMS messages from your phone through the Facebook Messenger app as well.

Mobile Web Access

The Facebook for Android app isn't the only way to access the social networking site from an Android device. Facebook can also be opened through any mobile browser, which will display a version of the site optimized for viewing on smaller screens. The design of this optimized site mirrors the native Facebook for Android app, with a menu sidebar offering access to friends, events, messages and groups. As with the app, you can like, post, comment, share and access most of the features offered by the desktop version of the website.


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