Eye Scan Security on Laptops

By Avery Martin

Security software allows you to unlock passwords by looking at a camera.
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According to EyeLock, the human iris contains more than 240 identification points that security software can use to uniquely identify a person. This technology allows software companies to bring eye scanning technology to your home computer. If you want to ditch the need for a password to unlock your computer, a system that scans your eyes can ease your burden.

Eye Scan Security

Eye scan security systems use high resolution cameras that can pinpoint the various structures, such as veins, in your eye. These unique structures allow eye scanning security software the ability to positively identify you. Unlike some of the clunkier facial recognition programs available, eye scan technology can often identify you in less than a second. Eye scanning systems require you to look into the camera so that the device can scan your iris to accept or deny access to the machine. Some systems use a wand instead of a built-in camera.

Potential Uses

Once the domain of high-end corporations, governments and spy movies, the commercialization of eye scanning software brings the technology to your laptop. Developments in technology indicate that eye scanning technology may become more prominent in consumer laptops and mobile devices. Companies can use eye scanning technology to prevent access to company documents and verify when a user logs on to a computer. Home users may enjoy the convenience of having one less password to remember. Eye scanning technology can also make it easier to log in to individual user accounts and unlock password vaults so that you can use more complicated passwords without having to remember them.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows computers can use some form of eye scanning security software via either a USB connection or a high-definition camera. Some computers may come with the hardware and software pre-installed, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad T530 running Windows 8.1. As the technology continues to advance and comes down in price, you can expect to see eye scanning security software more commonly available on computers. As of 2014, Apple computers don't natively support eye scanning software.

Software Options

EyeLock has developed a handheld device called Myris that you can use to unlock your computer and passwords for various social media, banking and email websites. Myris provides an integrated approach that includes old hardware and software. IriShield, by IriTech Inc, also provides various hardware-based solutions to provide biometric iris scanning to consumers and businesses. The product boasts lightweight features, a compact design and specialized hardware that provides a secure environment for storing identifying information.