How to Extract SMS Messages From a Phone

by Andrew Smith
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A short message service, or "SMS" message, that has been sent to your cell phone is often referred to as a "text message." These SMS messages can also be extracted from your phone to any personal email account. Knowing when and where to enter your email address will let you extract the SMS message to your email account.

Step 1

Navigate to the main menu screen on your phone.

Step 2

Highlight the "Text Messaging" or "Messaging" selection and then click "OK."

Step 3

Choose "Inbox" and then press "OK" to get to the messages that are located on your phone.

Step 4

Select the SMS message you want to extract and then press the "Options" key.

Step 5

Choose "Forward" and press "OK." The SMS message will be opened.

Step 6

Type in your email address inside the first "To" box at the top of the phone screen. Enter the email address as you would if typing an email on your computer (i.e. ""). Depending on your phone, you may need to select an "Entry Mode" key and then choose the "@" symbol to write out the entire email address.

Select "Send" on the phone to extract the SMS message to your email.


  • Sending any SMS message from your phone to an email account or another phone may cost you money depending your cell phone contract. Contact your wireless provider or review your wireless plan for more information.


  • You can create a free account using email services such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail.


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