How to Extract Scenes From iTunes Movies

By Andrew McClain

Although iTunes is an easy-to-use audio and video player, it does not give you the ability to extract content from music or movies you have on your computer. Fortunately, your Mac comes bundled with iMovie HD, a program that lets you create and edit movies. You can use iMovie to import an iTunes movie, select the scene you want to extract and crop the movie down to that particular scene.

Step 1

Open iMovie HD.

Step 2

Select "File," "Import" from the main menu to open a browse window.

Step 3

Browse to the folder that contains your iTunes video.

Step 4

Select the iTunes movie and Click "Open." IMovie will import the video.

Step 5

Click on the video in iMovie. The movie will appear in the main window.

Step 6

Click and hold on the triangle positioned on the left side of the blue bar under the movie. This is the Crop Marker.

Step 7

Drag the crop marker to the end of the scene you want to extract. The triangle will split in half, and the space on the movie time stamp bar will appear yellow between the two crop marker halves.

Step 8

Release the end point crop marker.

Step 9

Click the left most crop marker and drag it to the beginning of the scene you want to extract.

Step 10

Select "Edit," "Crop" to delete everything but the scene you selected. You can also press the Command + K keys to crop the video.

Step 11

Select "File," "Save" from the main menu to save the video clip.