How to extract high quality audio from a YouTube video

by Maya Walker

Online YouTube-to-MP3 conversion sites allow you to extract high quality audio that you can play on your computer or load to another device such as an MP3 player. The online converters are usually free and do not require registration to use. Some sites may require you to view an advertisement to complete the conversion and download the file, but you may find it well worth the time spent.


Navigate to YouTube's website and select the video from which you want to extract the audio.


Copy the link to the video from the address bar.


Open another tab or Web browser and navigate to a website that features a converter for YouTube videos. Sites such as Flv2MP3, Video2MP3 and ListenToYouTube offer free conversion of YouTube videos.


Paste the link from the YouTube video in the appropriate field. The field is marked as the location for your video's link.


Click the “High Quality” radio button, then click “Convert” or “Go.” Wait for the conversion to complete.


Click the “Download” link for your audio file. Click “Download MP3” if prompted.


  • close Please respect the limitations and restrictions of copyrighted music.

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