How to Extract an MKV File

By Mitchell White

An MKV file is a type of video format. This means you can use it to encode a video or a movie, which you can then watch on your computer, or even on a portable video player or laptop. Video files are often quite large, so they are sometimes packed into a special kind of file called an archive. Examples include ZIP or RAR. These files compress the MKV file so that it is smaller and easier to transport. The catch is that you then need to "extract" the MKV file with an archive program in order to use it.

Visit a website that has a free archive program available for download, such as WinRar (see Resources).

Click on the "download" link. This will bring up a download window. Click on "Save File" to begin downloading the installation file.

Locate the file on your computer. It will be named similar to the name of the program, and it should be in your desktop or My Downloads folder.

Double-click on the installation file to begin the installation. Go through the installation, which will include choosing a directory for your computer.

Find the archive that contains your MKV file. Double-click on it. This should cause a window to appear, which asks you if you want to open the file with your archive program. Click "OK" to extract the MKV file. You can then move it to a folder on your computer by clicking on it and dragging it.