How to Extract Images From PDF Files

by Renae Marbury

PDF files may contain images that you wish to save for later use in other documents. If you receive a PDF file with an image you would like to extract and save, it is possible to do so with the right software and knowledge. Plan to extract each image one at a time and create a folder ahead of time in which you will place your new extracted images.

Locate the Picture


Open the file, using Adobe Reader, that contains the images you want to extract.


Browse the file pages with the scroll bar until you find the image you want to extract. You may also use the next page shortcut from the top navigation bar to go from page to page.


Flip through the file pages using the next page shortcut from the top navigation bar to find images you wish to extract.

Copy the Image


Click on your desired photo once with your left mouse button to highlight the image.


Right click with your mouse to reveal a "copy image" sub-menu.


Left click once on "copy image" to copy the image to your system.

Extract the Image


Open an image software program, such as Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator, Microsoft Picture Manager or Microsoft Paint.


Under "File" on the top navigation, left click new to bring up a new canvas.


Click "Edit" from the top navigation bar or right click your mouse and select "Paste." The image will appear on the canvas.


Click "Save" from the "File" menu on the top navigation bar and browse for the location to save your image.


Click "Save" to save your image to the desired location.


  • check Save your extracted images to one folder to lessen confusion when you want to find your image.
  • check If an image needs to be cropped, do so before you save it in the image program.


  • close Do not attempt to extract more than one image at a time.

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