How to Extract Drivers From a Computer

By Andrew Mikael

Each computer hardware component needs driver software.
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In order for a piece of hardware to operate correctly with a computer system, it needs matching driver software. You can extract drivers in order to transfer them to another computer that uses the same hardware device or as a backup in case of a system failure or fresh operating system installation. Driver Backup, Chily Device Driver Backup and DriverMAX can extract drivers and are all available for free download or have free trial versions.

Driver Backup

Download the Driver Backup files (see Resources). The files come packaged in an RAR compressed file and you will need a compression utility compatible with the format to access the files. WinRAR and 7zip both offer this functionality. Open the files when uncompressed.

Double-click the "DrvBK" application file to open the software. You do not need to install the program on your system. Wait for the list to populate. This may take several moments.

Scroll through the list and uncheck any drivers you do not wish to extract. You may uncheck a driver heading to deselect all devices of that variety. Click "Start Backup" when finished.

Name the file and choose a location on your hard drive. Click "Start Backup" to extract the driver files.


Download the DriverMAX installation files from the Innovative Solutions website (see Resources). Open the file and follow the instructions to install the program.

Wait for the installation to finish and click "OK" in the Information window. Wait for DriverMAX to finish scanning the system for drivers. Click "Finish" in the Setup window to exit installation and launch DriverMAX.

Highlight "Driver Backup and Restore" and click "Backup Drivers." Click "Next" and wait for the list to populate.

Scroll down the list and click the check box next to any drivers you wish to extract. Click "Next" to continue.

Select the compressed or uncompressed extraction methods using the radio buttons. Select a hard drive location and name the files, then click "Next." Wait for the extraction to finish and click the "Close" button.

Chily Device Driver Backup

Download the Device Driver Backup install files from the Chily Softech website (see Resources). Double-click on the downloaded file to install the program.

Open the software from the Programs list. You may need to run the program as an administrator.

Wait for the software to find driver details. When the search notice disappears, click "Backup Drivers."

Expand the lists in the left pane and place a check mark next to each driver you want to extract.

Click "Backup." Choose a location when prompted and click "OK." Wait for extraction to complete. Click "OK" in the "Backup Done" window to finish.