How to Extend an RCA Speaker Cable

by Shawn Farner

The connector on an RCA speaker cable is the same as you might find on the composite or component cables that you use with your DVD player, video game console or set-top box. If you are trying to connect your speakers to a receiver or television but the cables aren't long enough, you can use an extension cable to accomplish the hookup.


Purchase a speaker extension cable from any brick-and-mortar or online electronics store.


Plug the male end of the speaker cable into the female connector on the speaker extension cable. The male end of the cable is the one with the prong; the female end is the one with the hole for input.


Connect the male end of the speaker extension cable into the speaker output on your audio receiver or television. If you have extra cable, you can keep it together using a rubber band or bread tie to prevent cable knots from forming.

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