How to Export an XLS to DBF (3 Steps)

By Louise Balle

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A DBF file format, also called a dBASE file, is a document that holds an array of organized records, similar to a standard database. You can open the DBF file in Microsoft Visual FoxPro or a DBF viewer. Transferring records from an XLS file is a straightforward matter that requires a conversion utility.

Step 1

Import the XLS file to Microsoft Access first if you want to export the information to DBF format. The "Get External Data" option on the Access toolbar allows you to import an Excel file into an Access database by following a step-by-step wizard. Then right-click the table containing the XLS information, select "Export" and choose "dBASE File" from the list of options. This allows you to transport the file to DBF format.

Step 2

Use Whitetown's XLS (Excel) to DBF Converter to export an XLS file to DBF format. Install the files to your system, choose an output directory and select the option to convert to either dBASE or FoxPro format (both DBF formats) using the utility. You have to enter parameters in a command line prompt in DOS as instructed by the system in order to perform each conversion. Choose between a personal, business and site license depending on your needs.

Step 3

Convert your XLS file to DBF format using DBF Foxpro Viewer and DBF Converter from DBFView. Choose the XLS files from your computer that you want to import into the converter. Next, choose to either import data directly into your open database (DBF) document or start a new one. The information from the XLS file displays in the viewer program. Download the free trial and then choose between a personal, business and unlimited business license.