How to Export VCards to Excel on a Mac (5 Steps)

By Andrew McClain

Unlike with standard business cards, you do not have to physically meet a contact to send him your contact details.
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In addition to enabling you to keep track of financial data, Excel also can import a wide variety of file types. This is useful if you need to extract specific data from information like a vCard. You can export contacts from your Mac Contacts application as a vCard, which you can then import into Excel after using the built-in conversion tools in the Text Import Wizard. After you have the data in a spreadsheet, you can extract the data you need from the card.

Step 1

Open the Contacts app and select the contact you want to export. Right-click on the contact and select "Export vCard." To export multiple contacts, press and hold the "Apple" key while clicking on the contacts you want to export and then right-click and select "Export vCard."

Step 2

Open Excel for Mac, and select "File," then "Import" to open the Import dialog box.

Step 3

Select "All Files" from the Enable drop-down list, and browse to the location of the saved vCard. Click on it and then click "Open" to start the Text Import Wizard.

Step 4

Select the "Delimited" option, which will automatically separate the data into columns based on the commas or tabs within the vCard file. Click "Next" to select the delimiters to use.

Step 5

Click on the different delimiters, such as "Tab" or "Semicolon." Check the data layout in the "Data preview" window to make sure it separates correctly. Click "Finish" to complete the import.