How to Export a Mac Address Book to Excel

by David Weedmark

Address Book is used for managing contact information on Mac OS X computers. The Address Book export feature can only be used for exporting VCards or Address Book archive files for backup purposes. It cannot export into a format used by other Microsoft Excel. You can install a small conversion program that will let you export your Address Book contacts into a CSV file. This is a simple format that arranges data as comma separated values, which can be opened with Excel.


Download a program to convert Address Book contacts to CSV format. Free or trial versions are available online, including AB2CSV, Address Book Exporter and Export Address Book. Install and launch the program.


Launch Address Book on your Mac. Select "All Contacts." Click on one contact in the "Name" column. Then press "Command" and "A" on your keyboard to highlight all the contacts.


Drag the contacts into the conversion program with your mouse.


Decide which fields you want to include in your CSV file, including "First Name," "Last name." Select those fields. Each field will be arranged in a column when you open the CSV in Excel.


Launch Microsoft Excel on your Mac. Click on the "File" menu. Then select "Open." Navigate to your new CSV file and click on it. Then click "OK."


  • check The CSV file you created can also be opened with Microsoft Excel on any Microsoft Windows computer.

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