How to Export From iPhoto to Snapfish

By Ashley Donohoe

Use iPhoto to publish and share photos on Snapfish's website.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The online photo website Snapfish lets you upload photos from the Web and from third-party applications. To upload images and photo albums from your Mac's iPhoto library, you can use Snapfish's iPhoto Exporter tool, which supports photo uploads to existing Snapfish folders and also lets you create new folders. After you upload your photos to your Snapfish account, you can share the photos with others or use the website's photo printing features.

Open your Web browser, then download the Snapfish iPhoto Exporter from the page. Double-click the DMG setup file after it downloads, then double-click "Snapfish Export Plugin.mpkg" in the Finder window that opens. Click "Continue" through each step of the setup wizard, then click "Install" to install the plug-in. Click "Close" after the installation finishes.

Launch iPhoto, then click a single image or a photo album you want to put on Snapfish. You can also hold down the "Shift" key to click multiple images or albums. Select "Export" from iPhoto's "File" menu, then select the "Snapfish" tab on the "Export" window. Enter your Snapfish email address and password to log in when prompted.

Select the album where you want to upload the images under the "Choose Where to Upload Your Images" section. Click "Use Existing Snapfish Album" to upload to an existing album, then select the album's name from the drop-down list. Click "New Album" to make a new photo album, then type a name for the album next to "Name."

Click the "Image Size" drop-down list and select the image size you want to use. Select "Fast Upload (1680 pixels)" for faster uploading and lesser quality. Select "Large Print Upload (Actual Size)" to upload your pictures at their full size. Click "Export" to send the selected image or album to your Snapfish account.