How to Export a Site from GoDaddy

by Deborah Green

GoDaddy is an ICANN-accredited company that has registered top-level domains for webmasters since 1997. In addition to domain registration, GoDaddy offers services related to Internet businesses such as online site-building software, search-engine optimization tools and web hosting. If you have a website hosted on GoDaddy servers, but want to move it to a hosting account with a different company, the process is straightforward.


Log in to your GoDaddy account. Under the "My Account" menu, select "My Products." Scroll down until you locate the "Web Hosting" link. Click on it. A list of domains you have hosted with GoDaddy appears. Click the "Launch" button to open the hosting control center. Once inside your hosting control center, select "Content" from the horizontal navigation bar. A drop-down menu appears. One of the options on the menu is "Java FTP Client." Click on this. A Java application opens. The application has two windows; the window on the right shows the files you have uploaded to GoDaddy's servers that are part of your website. The window on the left displays files as they are organized on your machine's local hard drive.


Make a new local directory. To do so, click on the "New Folder" icon situated under the window that displays the files on your local drive. A box opens prompting you to enter a name for the new directory. After entering a name, click "OK." The new folder appears as a directory on your local drive listings. Double-click on it to open it.


Return to the window on the right. Select and highlight all folders and files by clicking on each row with the control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard pressed. When all folders are selected and highlighted in blue, click on the left-pointing arrow between the two windows. This arrow only becomes "live" after files are selected. Once you click on the arrow, the files that comprise your website begin downloading to your website. A progress report can be seen in the box below the two windows displaying the files. When the download is complete, you will have successfully exported your site from GoDaddy.


  • check For the site to be working correctly on a new hosting account, you must change your domain nameservers and upload the site to your new host. To do so, return to the "My Products" section of your GoDaddy account. At the top of the product list is a list of domains you have registered with GoDaddy. Locate the link beneath the list that says "Domain Manager" and click. Once in the Domain Manager, click on the name that corresponds with the site you are exporting. On the horizontal navigational menu at the top of the domain dashboard, click on "Nameservers." Click "Set nameservers." Enter the nameservers of the new host in the provided fields. Click "OK" to save. Upload the website from the directory on your local drive to the new host using the FTP software and settings they provide.
  • check To upload or download files, use third-party FTP software such as FileZilla or Core FTP LE. FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol" and is a secure method of transferring files over the Internet. Third-party FTP software is often faster and provides more organization features than online FTP applications.

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