How to Export an Excel Spreadsheet

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Excel is a rich spreadsheet application that includes such features as graphing tools, VBA macros, pivot tables and the ability to make basic to complex calculations. It is a common practice to create and analyze data in Excel and then export it for use in other programs. Exporting an Excel spreadsheet is a straightforward process.

Export Excel Data as a Text File

Open the spreadsheet you want to export.

Click on the "File" button on the menu bar. Select "Save As." A dialog box appears with options you can use to adjust the properties and storage location of your file.

Click the arrow next to the "Save In" field. Choose a location in which to save your file from the drop-down menu.

Click the "File Name" field. Enter a name for your file if you want to change the current name.

Click on the arrow next to the "Save As Type" field. Select "Text (Tab delimited)." Click "Save."

Export an Excel Spreadsheet to a Web Page

Open the worksheet containing the data you want to use on a web page.

Click "File" on the menu bar. Click on "Save as Web Page" on the file menu.

Click on the "Publish" button. A box with the title "Publish as Web Page" pops up. Ensure that the "Choose" field shows "Items on X" and that "Sheet All Contents of X" is highlighted in the list below the field. (X represents the name of your spreadsheet.)

Click on the checkbox under the list to select "Add Interactivity With." This option makes the spreadsheet interactive on the web page. You can choose to add interactivity with spreadsheet functionality or PivotTable functionality.

Click the "Change" button if you want to add a title to your worksheet on the web page.

Click "Browse" to select a location for your web page. You can save or publish it to a hard drive, FTP, folder, web server or web folder. Check "Open published page in browser" to see your web page when you publish it.

Click "Publish." If you chose to view your web page, it will display automatically.


  • check Charts on a worksheet will not be included on the web page. These will have to be created and published separately.

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