How to Export Evite Contacts to Excel

By Allen Bethea

Export your Evite invitation's contact list to Excel so you can reuse it later.
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You can download a copy of your Evite invitation's contact list and reuse it later in applications like Excel. Evite can export contacts using the CSV, or Comma Separated Values, file format, and Excel can open this type of file as an ordinary worksheet, all while keeping the data in your contact list's Name, Email, Response, Number In Party, and RSVP Comment columns intact.

Step 1

Sign in to your Evite account, and then click the link for the Evite invitation with the contacts you want to export to Excel.

Step 2

Scroll down below the invitation's preview, and then click the "Export Guest List" link.

Step 3

Click "Save" to download the file to your system.

Step 4

Launch your computer's file manager, and then navigate to the folder that contains the "guestlist.csv" file you downloaded.

Step 5

Right-click the file, click "Open with," and then click "Excel (desktop)." Excel opens the file as a worksheet.