How to Export to CSV in Access 2007

By Jaime Avelar

When working with data, you may often need to export database information from queries or tables to different file formats. Exporting a table from Microsoft Access 2007 can be tricky if you need a Comma Separated Value file. Luckily, the programs built-in Export Text Wizard can export data to both a normal text file and a CSV file. You can then further manipulate the data in the CSV using another application such as Excel.

Open your Microsoft Access database and right-click the table you want to export. Click "Export," then "Text File" to open the "Export-Text File" dialog window. Type the file path, name and extension next to "File name." For example, to save the CSV in the root directory, type "C:\myExportedTable.csv."

Click "OK" to open the "Export Text Wizard," then click the "Delimited" option. Click "Next."

Select "Comma" as the delimiter that separates your fields. Check the box next to "Include Field Names on First Row." Click "Next," then click "Finish" to export the CSV. Click "Close." Navigate to the path in which you chose to save the CSV file and open it to view the information exported from your table.