How to Export Contacts in Outlook 2007

by Emmanuelle Douglas

Exporting your contacts in Outlook 2007 can be done by using the "Export" feature on the "File" menu. This can be helpful when you need to copy your contacts to another application. As you export the contacts, select a format that is compatible with the program you will be imported the contacts into. Lastly, define the mapping for the export. You can leave the current field mapping as is or you can add or remove fields from the contacts during this step.

Open Outlook 2007 and locate the "Contacts" icon in the "Navigation" pane. Click on the icon. Select "File" on the menu bar and select "Import and Export." The Import Export wizard appears. Select "Export to a file." Click "Next."

Select the file format needed at the "Create a File of Type" prompt. The file formats range from "Comma Separated" to "Outlook Personal Folder File." Select the file format that will work with the program that will use the exported file. Click "Next."

Select the "Contact" folder that you plan to export. This can be your main "Contact" folder or a separate "Contact" folder in your Outlook file. Click "Next." Browse your computer and find a location to put this exported file. Once you find the location, type in the name you want for the exported file. Click "OK" and "Next" when you are done.

Map the fields needed in your export by clicking the "Map Custom Fields" button. Add additional fields by clicking on fields in the "From" column and dragging them into the "To" column. Remove fields by clicking on fields in the "To" column and dragging them into the "From" column. Click "OK" and "Finish."

Review the exported file by going to the specified location and opening the file. Confirm the mapped fields are accurate and contain the information you need.

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