How to Export Contacts From OptOnline

by Tammy Clevenger

When exporting contacts from OptOnline, you export the contacts list based on the email program you are using. OptOnline is the email service for the Optimum Online broadband internet service. Users check their OptOnline email accounts with an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail. Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Mail, as well as most other email clients, provide an Export wizard for exporting OptOnline, and all other contacts in the Address Book, to a comma separated value text file.

Microsoft Outlook


Open the email client you use to check your OptOnline account, and log into your OptOnline email account. For example, open Microsoft Outlook and check your OptOnline email messages.


Click the “File” option on the top navigation bar of Outlook, and then click “Import and Export.”


Click the “Export to a File” option and click “Next.”


Click the “Comma Separated Value (Windows)” option and then click “Next.”


Click the “Contacts” folder to export and click “Next.”


Click the “Export to a File” option, and then navigate to the location where the file will be saved. Click “Next.”


Click the “Finish” button. The Contacts list is exported to a text CSV file in the specified location.

Yahoo Mail


Open a Web browser and log into your Yahoo Mail account.


Click the “Addresses” tab, and then click the “Import/Export” option.


Click the “Export Now” button next to the “Yahoo! Mail” option.


Type the location where the exported file will be saved in the "File Download” dialog box, and then click “Save.” The CSV file is exported and saved to the designated location.

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