How to Export a Blog to a Word Document

by Kara Page
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Exporting your blog to a word document is ideal for backing up your work for safekeeping, and is also useful if you want to turn the material into an ebook. Depending on the host for your blog, you may need to first export your blog as an XML file, then convert it to a Word document. These instructions are for those with Blogger blogs, the most commonly used blog host.

Step 1

Go online using your regular server. Go to Blogger.com and click "Dashboard."

Step 2

Click "Settings" underneath your blog title between "Edit Posts" and "Layout."

Step 3

Click "Export blog" next to the title "Blog Tools." A new window will open. Click on "Download Blog."

Step 4

A small window will open. In the drop-down menu next to "Open With," choose Microsoft Word, then click "OK."

Your blog will automatically save to your desktop and open as a Word file. Go to "File," then "Save As," and enter the title of your choosing. Click "Save."


  • If you have a Wordpress or other hosted blog, you may need to export your blog as an XML first. In your dashboard, click "Export" followed by "Download Export File." Your blog will download as an XML file. Use a website such as FreeVBcode.com to convert your XML file to a Word document.
  • Export your blog regularly as a Word document or any other file to ensure that your work is never lost.

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet
  • Microsoft Word

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