How to Export an Access Report as a PDF File

by Stephen Lilley

Saving a Microsoft Access report as a PDF file cannot be done natively in Microsoft Access. However, it can be done by installing a simple first-party add-on to your copy of the software. As an added bonus, this add-on will also allow you to save as a PDF file in any other Microsoft Office program you have installed on your computer. This includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and even Microsoft PowerPoint.


Close Microsoft Access. The add-on can only be properly installed if the program is not currently running on your computer.


Open your Web browser. Download and install the "Save as PDF" add-on from Microsoft's website. Click the "Download" link on the website to download the file and then double-click the file to install the add-on.


Open the report you want to export as a PDF in Microsoft Access.


Click the "Office" button.


Click "Save as" and select "PDF or XPS." Name your file and make sure "PDF" is selected from the "File Type" list. Click the "Publish" button to export your entire Access report in the PDF file format.

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