How to Save Internet Explorer Favorites When Backing up Your Computer

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When you back up your computer, where are your Internet Explorer favorites? It is not always easy to find them. How do you know if your favorite websites on Microsoft Windows Vista will survive the transfer? This quick guide will get you on your way to creating a backup securing those bookmarks that you may have spent years saving.

Insert the backup media into the computer. This can include an external hard drive, USB flash drive, CD or DVD-ROM. Ensure it is formatted properly to receive data. These tips will work with a desktop or a notebook computer.

Locate the favorites file on the computer. This can be in the form of a gold star or file folder and is found in the C drive, or hard drive on a computer. Go to my computer, (or computer), double-click local disk (or C drive), double-click on the "Documents and Settings" folder, then click the favorites.

Drag and drop files onto an open folder in your backup media. Have both the file folders open and next to each other when doing this. It may take a couple of minutes for all the files to transfer onto the backup.

When finished, double-click the backup media to ensure all your files are there. As an added precaution, you may want to open up Internet Explorer web browser. Then, click "Favorites" and compare files to ensure you have the same ones on your new backup copy.


  • check This will work if you have Microsoft Windows Vista or any other Windows version.
  • check If you save additional favorites in your web browser frequently, you may wish to create a backup at least once a month.


  • close Make sure you do not just drag the shortcut into your backup file. If it takes awhile to back up, then you know you have the correct "Favorites" file.
  • close If you are saving on a CD or DVD, make sure you choose "Make this readable on any computer."

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