EXE Password Recovery

By Christopher Lemieux

An .exe file is a Windows executable file (a program). It is very easy to apply a password to these files to prevent any unauthorized use. However, passwords can be forgotten or misplaced. There are a few possible ways to recover a .exe password.

Brute Force Attack

Brute force attack is a popular password cracking method and is executed through specific software. This method runs through every combination of letters until it reaches the correct password. On the other hand, it can literally take hours, days, months or years depending on the length of password--especially if the password contains upper- and lower-case letters.

Smart Force and Dictionary Attack

Smart force attack is a more advanced form of brute force. This method analyzes large amounts of text and does not test meaningless letter combinations. Smart force attack does not search for combinations including numbers or characters. Dictionary attack is a method that uses every work in a dictionary as a possible password.

Password Calculator

There are online password calculators available to help with password recovery. Simply enter the parameters and search.