Examples of the SAP ERP System

By Suqing Wang

Manage enterprise resources by deploying the SAP ERP system.
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The SAP ERP system has integrated functionality, such as customized information access and reporting, to aid with every aspect of business. It offers a comprehensive platform and addresses issues regarding the main business processes including customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, supply chain management and product life cycle management. SAP ERP aims to help enterprises conduct business processes in financials, human capital management, procurement, sales and service using its features, such as analytics and user service delivery.

IMC SAP ERP Practice

In the last 15 years, IMC, a global financial organization, has expanded its derivative trading houses business from Europe to Hong Kong, Australia and USA. In 2005, the chief financial officer found the existing information systems of the organization lagged behind the fast growth of the organization and were inflexible and unable to process international business. The implemented SAP ERP system has been very beneficial to the company. The integrated XLCubed reporting solution is quite flexible allowing managers to analyze business information easily. The database of the system can be accessed from anywhere globally allowing managers to view the information they need for decision support in real time.

The Stef-TFE Group’s SAP ERP Example

Stef-TFE, a European logistic firm headquartered in Paris, provided complex logistics for delivering and warehousing food across Europe. However, it required a more efficient payment collections and invoice dispute system. With the deployment of SAP ERP Financials solution, this company has dramatically improved its overall cash flow and therefore is able to keep good relationships with customers. The delivered financial system has aided the company to process uniform, end to end processes in terms of payment collections and dispute. The company has also managed to reduce day sales outstanding by three days and decreased the dispute resolution time.

Schöck Bauteile’s mySAP ERP Example

Schöck Bauteile is an outstanding innovative construction products and systems provider in Germany. To maintain its competitive capability and extend to new markets, the Company deployed mySAP customer relationship management system to attain predominant customer service and generate more revenue. MySAP is a new branding ERP system released by SAP. The CRM project manager at Schöck realized the need for a unified system instead of maintaining CRM systems separately in each country. With the help of the deployed SAP software, members of the company were given timely access to all the information they need. They were also presented a new view of the customer with the help of the SAP system.