Evolution Digital Converter Instructions

by Quinten Plummer

Some Americans were not ready to give up their analog television sets when the country switched television broadcast standards from NTSC (National Television System Committee) to ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) in 2009. If you still use an analog NTSC television, Evolution's Digital Converter can help you convert digital inputs into analog and keep using your old television.


Connect your antenna's coaxial cable to the "Ant In" port on the back of the converter box.


Connect a coaxial cable between the "RF Out" port on the back of the converter box and the coaxial port on the back of your television. Alternatively, you can connect the converter box to your television using a component video cable.


Match the red, yellow and white connectors on one side of a composite cable to the red, yellow and white ports on the back of the converter box. Match the opposite ends of the cable to the red, yellow and white component ends on your television.


Connect the power supply to power port on the converter box, then plug the power supply into a power outlet. Set the channel selector on the back of the converter box to "4."


Turn on your television and set it to channel 4. Power on the converter box. Allow a few moments for the converter box to scan for available channels.


Press the "Guide" button on the converter's remote control, after you've received confirmation that the channel scan is complete, to view your channel list.

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