How to Find ESN on Sync Radio

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Ford Sync radios come with features such as hands-free calling and traffic alerts. Some Sync radios also come with Sirius satellite radios. To activate the satellite radio, you'll need to acquire the radio's electronic serial number. Once you have the ESN, you can contact Sirius by telephone to activate the radio. You can view the ESN on Ford Sync radios by pushing a combination of buttons. The ESN then displays on the radio's screen.

Turn the Ford's ignition key to "On." Make sure the radio is on. If it isn't, push the "Power/Volume" button to turn it on.

Push the "Sat" button to switch to the Sirius satellite radio band.

Push the "Aux" and first preset button ("1") at the same time.

View the ESN on the radio display screen.